Lesbian Social Network
A fun alternative to meeting women at the bars
LSN Admission:
(includes refreshments)

* Admission free to
members; scroll down to
see how to become one.
The only exclusively lesbian-oriented publication in the Phoenix Area
Join us every Friday for networking, lively discussions, special
guests, exceptional events, unique theme nights, lesbian & LGBT
themed movies (every 4th Friday), all your favorite board games,
fun & laughter, & MORE!!!

Location: 1 Voice Community Center
4442 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Admission: $5.00 (includes refreshments), or become a member and get
in FREE (see below)!
LSN is the perfect way to wind down from your stressful week, and/or
jumpstart your weekend. It's the place to be on Friday nights!!
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7:30 - 10:00 PM
One Voice Community
4442 N 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ
There's always a friend at LSN!
Lesbian Social Network Meetup group
The Lesbian Social Network is everywhere! Join our newest online group, on Meetup.com. Meetup
gives you the opportunity to RSVP to meetings and events, meet people, and make new friends. The
people who join Meetup are those who want to get out of the house, away from the computer, and do
things with others, in person. What a concept: using the internet to get off the internet!
Check us out at
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