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Hi, WCC Readers,
 Join the Lesbian Social Network on Saturday, April
26th, at the
Bump Phx dance. LSN is one of the
sponsors this month, and I'd love to see you all there!
We'll be doing some promotions - auctioning off a
FREE 1 year membership ($100 value) and whatever
else I come up with between now and then - I'll update
this announcement when I add something new. Music
format is as follows: for the 1st hour and a half, Retro.
The 2nd hour and a half, Top 40. So, get yourselves
to the Red Revolver on the 26th, meet fabulous
women, have fun, and dance your ass off!!!
Always a fun
theme, BUMP is
hosting a
Mustache Party!
    Tickle her fancy with
a host of different
mustache designs...
paint one on, glitter it
up, use real hair, buy
one at a costume shop,
or how about finger
mustaches? Get
creative and have fun
with it! But try and keep
your mustache out of
your drink all night...